Jewellery Repairs

Due of the delicate nature of jewellery, it may need repairing from time to time. Almost all jewellery can be repaired to a wearable state or completely overhauled. At David Jonns we offer a range of jewellery services to keep your items in good, wearable condition.

With some pieces, repairs and restoration can be the only option. The sentiment infused into what may have been a gift, a bequeathed item or the love for someone special cannot be replaced. For instance how many times have you heard that an item should have its entire shank replaced when all you want is to keep what remains of the original. Although sound advice, it’s not what you want. We would take the time to rebuild the deteriorated edges and keep the original centre just so you can still have your loved one’s item. Replacing it entirely should only be a last resort.

Ring Sizing
Shank Profiling


View our repair pricing guide to help you establish an estimate of costs.

Chains can be caught up, pulled, snapped and impossibly knotted, we'll unkink and solder them if necessary. We can restore settings to their original glory or to just be wearable, keeping your expenses to a minimum it’s really up to you.

Should you lose weight, gain weight or just change the finger you wish to wear your ring, we can adjust its size up or down. Left with a ring that’s been crushed or removed with shears in a jewellers or hospital and needs restoring, we'll repair it.

With over 35 years in the jewellery business repairing thousands of items to the trade, we have plenty of experience of all types of jewellery repair and restoration. When you can’t find anyone else who’ll take on your job, we will.